Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Hire for Events UK wide. An ideal fun event activity for Corporate Events, Weddings, Private Parties, Fetes and Product Launches.

Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is one of the most popular participation activities, very safe to operate, easy to understand concept with a high appeal to all age ranges and abilities. It's not hard to see why Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is such a popular choice! As a bonus we only need an area the size of tow tennis courts to safely operate the activity.

Provided by the One4all Group to any UK location, you can be assured of a high-quality event, we have over 20 years of experience facilitating Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Events. 

Download out Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Information document

What is Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting?

An activity which can be enjoyed by everyone. Each player uses a modified shotgun to fire an infrared beam at real-clays launched from a real clay launcher. Whenever the trigger on the modified shotgun is pulled, the digital control module/scoreboard generates the shotgun 'bang' and when a player hits the target it reproduces the sound of a breaking clay, and logs scores automatically.

The activity instructor will brief each group on the activity, and coach players throughout the games. A typical Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting session includes an introduction, practice sessions and then on to several friendly competition formats including Skill Shot, Speed Shoot and Rapid Fire.

The same as real clay shooting! 100%, except no kick-back and the activity can safely operate in many confined venues.

We’ve run events in the dark at 1am in the morning, in quarries, in warehouses, over lakes, at country shows.... we have the experience to meet your requirements.