Wedding season is fast approaching; with planning fully underway. Have you considered a suitable activity for entertaining your guests? How about Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting for your Wedding?

There are a few things to take in to account when considering a suitable activity for your wedding guests. We've put together a bit of a list to help you arrange suitable entertainment.

  • Cost-there is usually a cost involved, so you need to be able to find out what this is going to be. You'll find that event companies that actually own the activities and equipment have no problem showing prices, agencies are usually unable to as they'll need to talk directly to a supplier, get a quotation of them and then either add a mark-up or ask for commision off the supplier. We'd usually suggest dealing directly with the supplier- it cuts out issues with communication being passed down a chain. It may also save a little money as well!
  • Your guests are likely to have had a glass of prosecco or two, so that eliminates a lot of activities as they will not be permitted to participate. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is within reason as safe activity to participate in when a glass or two has been consumed. So long as guests don't go swinging the heavy guns around very little untoward can happen. 
  • Weather - we're in the UK, who knows what the weather is going to to do. Inflatables cannot operate in the rain, and a lot of other potential activities can also not operate in the rain. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting is pretty resilient. Mini Marquees are provided to keep guests dry, and so long as it's not torrential rain we're all good to continue. 
  • Is the wedding venue happy for the activity to take place? Are they worried about their lawns/risk assessments/liabilities? We're able to liaise directly with any venue and talk them through the activity, and apart from footfall from guests there will be no damaged to those neatly manicured lawns.
  • Will the activity cover all age ranges? Can kids take part as well as adults? Some activities it's not going to be an issue other it may well be. Check first. Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting participants can be pretty much any age. Even the young ones, parents can always assist in holding the gun and help take aim.  

Hopefully the above has helped a little, but if you do have any queries please contact us and we'll offer advice. Remember we've been providing participation activities since 1978 and operating Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting events for over 20 years.