How many people can participate?

A single system has 5 positions, enabling 5 participants to shoot at the same time. We can quite comfortably involve up to 15 participants in a 45 minute competition, or more participants on a simple ‘have-a-go’ format.

Do you have a location that our group can come to?

Yes, we have our own Centre on the Nottinghamshire/Leicestershire border, complete with conference and catering facilities and many other activities. As the system is portable we can provide the activity at venues around the UK.

Will participants get bruised shoulders from kick-back off the guns?

No, there is no kick back whatsoever, which is good news!

Are there restrictions as to where you can operate Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting?

Essentially we’ll require an clear area around the size of two tennis court to operate the activity. Outdoors this should be short cut grass in order to retrieve the clays, and a relatively level surface. We can operate indoors in large spaces, though we’d usually run a test prior to the event to ensure that nothing interferes with the electronics.

Is there a minimum age?

Not really, but participants will need to safely be able to hold the the guns- they are quite heavy.

What about the weather?

Light rain is not an issue, the system will work fine and participants have the benefit of the mini marquee to stand underneath. Strong winds, lightening, snow and torrential rain may mean it is unsafe to operate the activity. We’ll work with you to look at alternatives options.

Will there be any damage to the ground?

Very little. The clays are all reusable so no bits of clay left on the ground. The system can be carried a short distance, so vehicles do not need to go on to a grassed area. The only marking on grass would be from footfall.

Are there any power requirements?

The system operates off internal batteries, so for daytime operation no external power is required. If operating at night, floodlighting is required, for which either LED battery floodlights or mains/generator powered floodlights are needed.

Can we have copies of the activity risk assessment and public liability insurance?

No problem, everything is in place. We hold £5 million public liability insurance and are able to provide copies of the activity risk assessment to clients.

Are you able to provide complementary activities?

Not a problem, please visit our additional activities page, if you have other activities in mind please feel free to contact us and we’ll talk through options with you.


If you do have any question please feel free to contact us.